Thank you for choosing The Wisdom Deck to hold in your healing hands. Untold LibrAries has designed this as a one card pull deck, and a 3 card pull honoring the past, present,   and future insight. The Wisdom Deck may also be used as an altar card series. We highly recommend getting to know the cards before using. We suggest focusing on a different card each day for 25 days and place the card on your altar for that day so that when you use the deck intuitively you will have established and understanding and connection to each. When you have pulled your card intuitively we suggest that you meditate with the imagery, message, and spirit of the card as to allow it’s wisdom to fully integrate into your psyche.   We have blessed and saged each card and offer to you to do the same. These cards are harnessed in light and universal wisdom and may take several times to fully ingest their meaning. Please feel free to mix with other decks or in any way that would serve your soul.


We can’t express enough the honor it is to have these messengers with you.

Wisdom Deck